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Greetings! I play Euphyely, a Resto/Enhance Shaman on Elune (US). I guess at this point in time I could probably call my hunter Varraline my main though. (I try to stick to classes that can fill two roles, but I've been enjoying the hunter so much recently I'm just torn between the two.)

I've been playing wow since the Burning Crusade era. I originally played horde where my very first character was an undead warrior named Euphyley. The warrior class never really clicked with me though, so I rolled an undead priest named Sorronia. I LOVED playing her. I especially loved the healing role. I played horde for several years where I switched between a priest and mage as my mains.

After meeting my husband on the horde server I played on, we both transferred a couple of our horde toons to yet another server where we played for about a year, but we were still ultimately a little bored. That is when we decided to roll Alliance on Elune.

We started our own guild with a couple of others who came over from our original horde server and have been playing there ever since. We love our little guild, and my hubby and I enjoy doing pretty much everything together in game. We don't raid any more like we used to (well, we do use raid finder - but that doesn't really count). Now we stick mostly to 5 mans, scenarios, bg's, pet battling, working on achievements...you name it!

I'm a crazy pet collector, mount collector and title collector. If it's fuzzy or if it can float over my character's head - I want it. I love the TGC mounts and pretty much any mount that drops in a dungeon/raid or from a rare.
I also enjoy taking a ridiculous amount of screen shots. I've listed a few of my favorites here in my blog under the My Fav Screen Shots tab, but one of the the ultimate testaments to that is the crazy amount of screenies I have submitted to WoWhead

The Real Me

In Real Life I work from home as a full time mom of two, and making jewelry and small sculptures that I sell on etsy.

Our happy little family includes the hubby and I, my 2.5 year old daughter, and our newest addition - a little boy who is almost half a year old now. We have two cats (brothers) who destroy everything they touch. We also used to have a pug named Lyla, but we lost her very recently due to illness. I've never loved a pet as much as her. I will leave her picture up on this page always. I miss you Lyla.

When I'm not working or playing WoW I enjoy reading. I am a very big Geore R. R. Martin fan. I'm on book 5 of his "Song of Ice and Fire" series. I have not seen the show on HBO, or whatever channel it's on and I don't plan on it. NOTHING will ever be as good as the books. I finally gave in and watched the show, and it was awesome. /sigh I am a huge Anne Rice fan. The Vampire Chronicles just may be some of the best literature ever. I <3 Lestat. I can also never turn down a Woody Allen movie.

I enjoy snowboarding and skiing when the snow is decent. I've also tried just about everything else at some point including scuba diving, motocross, skydiving, hang-gliding, yadda yadda you get the point.

Anywho, I think that about sums up at least some of me.

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